Kate Beckinsale Icon Challenge

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hello and welcome! somehow you've stumbled upon kateb_challenge- kate beckinsale icon challenge! so if you're interested in making icons and you like kate beckinsale, then come and join!

maintainer- arbuus
co-mod- undrwrldangel24
banner makers- arbuus and lady_iz

- all icons must fit LJ standards- 100x100px and 40kB max. (.jpg, .png, and .gif formats are fine)
- you can only use given pictures, unless stated otherwise
- this is a challenge community, which means, that you can use any effects you wish, text, animation, brushes, gradients, etc.
- do not post your icon anywhere else before the voting has ended and the winners are posted
- don't steal the icons, comment on the winners post and you'll get the name of the iconmaker
- read the rules of every challenge for more specific instructions

- don't use icons that you've made in the past, all icons must be made fresh for the challenge
- submit your icons as a comment to the challenge post.
- each time the rules will say, how many icons per person you can submit.
- you have to be a member, in order to participate.

- post the icons like this: the picture (IMG SRC) and underneath the url (URL)

some sites you can host your icons at-
- photobucket.com
- imageshack.us

CHALLENGE POSTED- friday afternoon
SUBMIT ICONS- friday night- friday afternoon
VOTING POSTED- friday afternoon
VOTING- friday afternoon- sunday evening
WINNERS POSTED- sunday night

- vote for the icons you like best as a comment to the voting post.
- votes are weighted, so vote for your favourites in order!!
- vote for the number given (usually three) no more, no less, or otherwise your votes will not count.
- don't vote for yourself.
- you may encourage people to vote, but don't don't tell them to vote for you.

all comments will be screened.

- each time there will be a top three and mod's choice (which will be made by arbuus or in other words, me =))
- banners are posted along with the winners. taking them, of course, is optional =P

banners will be made by arbuus or lady_iz


would you like to be one? then comment on this post HERE.

also, if you wish to link us with some buttons, then just copy-paste the code below to your userinfo (or wherever you want =P)


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